Monday, February 23, 2009

About Nancy:

I started my artistic career over 30 years ago. Art came naturally to me because it was the way I saw the world, thru kaleidoscope eyes, while others saw the world differently.
By not taking myself too seriously, I have been able to bring out the best of my
imagination and whimsy to dream and create, whatever the occasion.

After attending college and majoring in Literature and Interior Design, I enrolled
into the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design in San Francisco. There, under the teachings
of Schaeffer and Baumgarnter, I learned the elements of design and color. The art of
design and color fascinated me. Rudolph Schaeffer created one of the most distinctive and successful schools of color and design. The school, as teachers remember the wonderful site and school as "The Gumps of Interior Design". Schaeffer's impact was felt worldwide. He believed
'we have to delve into the secrets of color. The reason color study is so important is because color is differentiated light and we can't live without light.' Even his critics admitted,'he spent the better part of a century teaching San Franciscans to make their city, their homes, their gardens, and their lives more harmonious, more beautiful, and hence more human.' Who could ask for anything more?

The beauty of sound is music,
The beauty of light is color,
The beauty of motion(vibration) is form.

As I studied, I fell into the hands of a Master picture framer, who made me his prodigy. He worked with me and further developed my skills in the Old World craftsmanship of picture framing. It seemed too natural that color and design and the art of picture framing all fell into a perfect package. Consulting with clients on art and color and design was the epitome of my life for a long time. I opened an art gallery and framing studio in Burlingame, California. Here I worked with many up and coming young designers and had an elite client list of celebrities, socialites and merchants, all of which I serviced with picture framing needs, consultation and artistic endeavors. I also took consignments to paint pictures, window dressing for many shops, hand painted signs and designed invitations and awards.

Later, in those years, I worked with my family in the General Engineering field of construction, all the while, opening a gallery in San Carlos, California. A few years later, my father became ill and I could no longer keep up with both business, so I closed the gallery, concentrating on construction, however, continue to keep up the trends.

I interests took me from art to construction to the culinary arts. I spent many years cooking and presenting party foods. Creating menus for special events. Entertaining for family and friends was a constant favorite of mine and picking up some special clients along the way. My creative imagination led me to decorate for parties and setting themes for tables and rooms and making party favors.

For years, I was moving from idea to idea in the same field of art and design. I particularly became interested in weddings and anything bridal. Started working as a Bridal consultant
and helping brides to be. Enjoyed creating themes for weddings, consulting on gowns and colors, wedding favors, wedding invitations and doing many crafts in that same vein.

It seemed to me, that now, it was time to collect my imaginative thoughts and ideas and put them all together and write a book. I have been working on it, and I'll see how far I get.

Now, I would like to open a small studio from home, where I have a great workroom, and once again, work my magic with a new clientele, the big wide world of the Internet and share my crafts and experience as an artist and to inspire people to enhance their everyday lives with color, design and love.